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Iam Back (56k Grab a 40!!)

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dubranger   +1y
reformatted the puter a while back and lost my links....found this site on a google search....where should i start..last yall probally seen my ranger it was one color and had 20"s well here is her progress

here she is in her prime while being lowered....

But now she has to fit some 34"s under her so i have to lift.....what i mean is iam keeping my 20"s but iam not keeping the low-pros iam getting these tires.....

and as she sits as of today.....

if i clear the tires in the front i will have the tires on tomorrow if not i have to wait on my bodylift
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snooptodd   +1y
Welcome back! Truck is lookin good.
msturg avatar
msturg   +1y
booooooo erns on going up

haha, j/k man the truck will look good. hope the tires fit.
scrp1day avatar
scrp1day   +1y
truck loks good steve! wish it could stay oow but hye its your project
oldsklminitrk avatar
oldsklminitrk   +1y
Ok did I read that right Joker's wild?......LOL Omg I was part of the old Jokers wild back in the early 90's....Pilsbury and Lefty ,Russ and all them...whew the memories....Looks good man
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