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General Discussion \  Need help w/ new and old body ranger electrical....

Need help w/ new and old body ranger electrical....

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rangerdrgnonyou   +1y
Hey fellas I need some electrical help...its not really all that hard.....

First off all I need someone with a old body style (gen1) to unplug there wiper motor and test the wires to see which does which (delay, full power, ground, etc...)

Then I need someone with a new body style to do the same..preferably a 98 or new and let me know which is which so I can splice the wires together.

And last of all if someone with a new body ranger (gen2) prefereably 98+ could take out both taillights and test each tail light and tell me which is the ground, hotfeed and blinker for each side. I don't need the reverse light as I don't plan on running any....thanks.....
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bodydropped85   +1y
im gona need specific years to look at my diagrams to see whats up for the wipers. what are you tryin to do? with them?
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rangerdrgnonyou   +1y
Its off of a 89 Ranger...well I put the 3.0 out of my 00 into my 89 along with all of the computer controls. So I have to splice the wiper motor harnesses together.

And for the taillights I have the diagrams but they are confusing and a pain in my ass. So if someone hits them with a test light and tells me what color wire does what I'm set =)
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