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different gas tank question

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dirty   +1y
i have aquired a mazda b2000 gas tank in hopes that i could modify it to make my stock pump/sending unit work in that tank.

the ranger tank in about 11 inches and the maz tank is about 10 inches.
do you think if i made a spacer of some sorts that i would able to use my stock stuff.

is this even possible?

i have a cell but the $$$ is pretty dried up at the moment so i was hoping that i could make this tank work with minimal $$ involved. at least chepaer than buying a new pump for the cell
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tbmx86   +1y
I rigged my stock pump in my fuel cell using a toilet flange ring. So Im sure you can make it work.
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bodydropped85   +1y
take the pump itself were its attached w/ a rubber hose, take it off there. cut the metal hose to thelength you need it then reattach the hose. mite have to shorten the return also.
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