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Need Some Help with fuel lines/ emissions

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4.0ranger   +1y
I need to find out the fuel system on the ranger. If anyone can take some pictures of the fuel tank with the bed off that would be great. i need to know where the fuel lines go and come from. What connects to the vapor canister and the charcoal canister (vapor management valve) and where the lines go from there. I went on to All Data and there are 3 lines off of the VMV 2 vacuum and a vapor line. also on the gas tank there is a vent that is towards the end on top close to the rear axle. where does that go. I got the fuel line from ford and it has like 4 ends on it. i hope this is the correct one but i have no idea where they go. the shop never put my lines on except for the supply/return fuel lines! any pictures would be great of the gas tank, fuel pump, lines going from gas tank, and the engine bay where the vapor line goes. also the driverside inner frame.
Thanks a lot
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
I called but you didnt answer and im even near your house, thats messed up.
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4.0ranger   +1y
you should have stopped by, i was working on the truck. call me tommorrow, ill be home all day. I hopefully will have a DTC scanner to see if it is going to work.
404-732-8499. Thanks
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