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Welding issues...

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johnnetzlof   +1y
Hey guys, I got my project Ranger's doors in at the school metal shop to clean up some rust and shave the handles/locks. Only problem is, with the MIG welder, I can't get the voltage low enough to weld with out burning through. Once the voltage hits a certain low point, it doesn't catch the arc at all. I claim F-ed up, beaten equipment, but I'm wondering if there anything I can do to hopefully cajole it into working?
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tiger   +1y
You might try a thicker patch panel that is larger then the hole your patching by about 1/2" on all sides, insert the panel from the inside of the door, have someone hold it, then weld away. The thicker metal should be able to take more heat and not burn through as easily.
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baha   +1y
hey man did you try turning the wire speed down to?
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92fordranger   +1y
i shve doors wiht a miller 250 220v no problem
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johnnetzlof   +1y
Miller 250, 220v? Tell me, what do you have things set at?

And I did attempt to turn the wire speed down, but at that time, the nozzle was gunked up from people before me who think you slam the welder into the metal to weld...

I'll try again on Monday, and post some results...
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bodydropped85   +1y
clean your nozzle, and tip. make sure the ground is good also.
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