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Got hit today (finally not my fault )

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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
Well I was on my way to my new job today sitting in the atlanta traffic in the turning lane, then i hear a car slideing and bam I get a push from behind then I see a escort zx2 go past me with the fender tore off, but he pulls into the parking lot and I follow him. he gets out telling me his sorry and I told him i know man its ok then we go look at the rear of my truck and there isnt hardly any damage just a scuff on the bumper and a small dent behind the bumper where it was pushed into the bed but came back out, he said well dont look like I did anything but I showed him otherwise then I said I already called the cops and he was sorta bummed out then and went and sat back down in his car. Cop came gave him a court date and me a case number to get insurance info from. My question is this should I use the repair money to get a roll-pan like I planned on buying anyway? will I go to hell for this? and will the roll pan curse get me?
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wht01ranger   +1y
i'd go to blood drag
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daweezi   +1y
use it for whatever u want, id go with the roll pan, i mean if u really want u can take the money then go to the strip but a roll pan would be more usefull
itsarealedgeiswear avatar
itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
strip club sounds good cause those girls really do love you and all it cost is money!
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bodydropped85   +1y
na forrrest had the same prob and got a cali combo. take it to the dealer for anesitmate!!!!!!!!
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
get the estimate and do the truck how you want with the money
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96rangerxlt   +1y
Yah I have been rearended twice. Got the insurance company to cut me a check for the money and used it to buy other parts for the ranger. A rollpan is alot cheaper than a stock Ranger bumper so you'd probably have some cash left to buy some other parts.
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mullet   +1y
COME TO BLOOD DRAG!!!! I need someone to hang out with.. but if you still refuse to.. then get something for the truck. But to even out the karma.. air brush ZX2 on it real small.. cause that is what paid for it.
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scrp1day   +1y
yeah i like the roll pan with really small airbrushing of zx2 or even with a magic marker on the inside of the pan.
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
well I got my check today the guys insurance company gave me $589.00 for my troubles looks like ill be getting a roll pan soon. Hope nobody hits me again.
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