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i officially hate my truck

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95lowtide   +1y
it seems like in the past month i have had nothing but problems with my truck (95 Splash with 3.0L v6for reference). a few weeks ago my engine temperature gauge started fluctuating so i put a new thermostat in it. a few days go by and it started doing it again. so shit, i replaced the engine temperature sensor and that worked. around $15 total for both of that to fix that problem.

earlier this week, i been having problems starting my truck. it would barely start up and would idle at like 500 rpms but would idle normal after a few minutes of driving. i got my friend to check my battery with a volt meter and he said the battery was fine. so today i went to Advance Auto and had them check it and my alternator. the battery tested fine. he checked my alternator and said i may need a new one soon cause its dying. i would have had them run a diagnostic on it but i was running late for work. so tonite after bowling, i went to start my truck and it wouldnt turn over but it started fine about 2 hours ago with no problems other than the idle was a little higher than normal. so luckily my friend was there with his car and he gave me a jump and it started up. what the hell is going on with my truck? im starting to get pissed at the damn thing. oh and for further reference, it wont start good when its really cold out. i really dont have the money for a new (well re-manufactured) alternator and im getting frustrated period with the truck. this sucks. someone come buy this piece of shit from me or some

anyone got any ideas whats going on with my truck??
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wht01ranger   +1y
that sucks bro..but yer best bet would be to get that reman.
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95lowtide   +1y
yeah even tho what little money i have saved up is for air ride but i guess ima have to break down and buy an alternator so i can drive. bah!! having cars sucks
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baha   +1y
lol I hear ya man but it makes getting it bagged that much more rewarding ok maybe not lol
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95lowtide   +1y
LOL actually im in no real rush to get it bagged as long as it gets bagged BEFORE next show season.
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at dusk   +1y
well if the 2.3 alternator is the same as the 3.0 alternator i have one you can have.. the alternator is good.. i bought it becouase i thought mine took a shit.. but its good.. anyhow.. my parents are heading down to fort wayne for the christmas holidays i believe.. (my dads wife is from there) anyhow.. email me if your interesed..

not really sure if they are the same tought..
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bodydropped85   +1y
not sure if the alternators are the same, get a volt meter and with it runnin check the out put on teh back of the alternator, if its not altleast 13.5 V then u need a new one.also once u get that fixed if it still idles funny, replace the IAC.
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at dusk   +1y
ya i hate iac's freakin thing kept makin my truck idle high then low hight then low.. only at a traffic light too.. so everyone is looking at the truck and its reving all over the place.. .. o well problem solved.. new iac was put in after the new fuel pump.. lol

check iac.. cheap and might be the issue
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95lowtide   +1y
well i bought a new battery today for it. put it right in and fired up....3 times. so far so good. im going to give it a couple days to see how it does. if it goes back to what it was doing, im going to go ahead and get a new alternator for it.
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the twanksta   +1y
Did you get a optima battery?? They are a little more expensive but those things will save you so many times. Also with the idling thing definately give the IAC a shot, cuz that sounds like your idle problem.