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General Discussion \  UPS dropped off something to wish me get well soon!

UPS dropped off something to wish me get well soon!

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spngr311   +1y

I ordered it before I hurt my back this seriously, and I cannot wait to get better to use it. I used my dad's welder for my shaving, and gave it back to him a while back. Needed to get one, so I said, what the hell - got a Lincoln 175. I had one at my old job and I really like the model, so I cannot wait to put it to use!

I still have to get some gas for it, but I also need to get a cart for it since I'll have to wheel it from the shed to my driveway.
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dwarfranger   +1y
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daweezi   +1y
tell them to drop me one off too, haha but for real, hope your back out there soon and able to use the new welder
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scrp1day   +1y
looks your gonna have some fun! feelbetter soon so we can all see the work! loretabs own!
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the twanksta   +1y
Ill be at your house soon....hahaha!
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wht01ranger   +1y
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
nice dude
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baha   +1y
nice welder, gota love Lincolns I'm saving up for the big one right now haha
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