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New leaf springs? - '86 B2000

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ridin   +1y
Hi all. My leaf springs are pretty flat. I see the bog-standard option runs about $300 the pair: " target="_blank

Is there a slight upgrade that costs a little more but delivers more capacity? I.e., sells an aftermarket set for $330 which is, I don't know, 2" higher or gives $250 lbs more weight capacity?


Is there a cheaper option for regular leaf springs that I could check out?

Thanks for your suggestions--Mike.
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spacemonkee23   +1y
add a leaf or maybe add some spring helpers?

Mine are very flat also but I have a camper and full bed interior in mine, I may add some spring helpers for the time being.

**Edit did research on re-arching springs... Heating method - not cost effective, Cold method - doesn't last long before they sag again.
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chaserjohndoe   +1y
Don't do add a leafs make your truck ride super hard. I would do a set of coil spring between the leafs and frame. In the Toyota world it's called a "zuk" mod. Google that and you will get the idea. or if you are looking for something not so redneck/cheap air shocks also work.
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ridin   +1y
Thanks guys! That zuk mod looks pretty interesting. I wonder how you figure out what spring to buy?

And yeah...redneck works A-OK for me...

EDIT: Actually maybe no...the ZUK mods seem to be oriented to the 4Runner which has a bump stop on the frame. My B2000 doesn't. I guess I'd need to have something welded onto the frame in order for the top of the coil to stay put? truck, with a naked, bump-less frame

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beardguy   +1y
How about coil spring kits? I have a pair on mine, work well enough for the prices. It won't give you increased load capacity with bad leaf springs, but my leaf springs are flat and this helps the ride a lot, lifted it 2".
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