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Raising a Mazda

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lowmazdaforkid   +1y
Ok so no laughing. I recently bought a 92 B2200 for my 17yo. It has already been lowered and made into a convertible. The problem is when the kid drives the truck it routinely bottoms out over bumps and man hole covers. He asked if we could raise it up. The previous owner put lowering spindles on the front, 4 " lowering blocks on the rear, took out all but the main leaf in the rear springs, and the leaf is below the axel instead of on top. I have read some other posts and done some of my own research but want to make sure I do it the right way before I start taking things apart. Any guidance from the forum is greatly appreciated.
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gcncsuhd   +1y
1. The leaf on the bottom of the axle is correct.
2. The front can be raised by cranking or reindexing the bars.
3. The best option on the rear would be to find original leaf springs to add to the rear to stiffen it up, there should be 4 per side, 1 overload, 1 main, and 2 additional leaves. Then you can replace the lowering blocks with something smaller, or none at all if you are going back to stock height.
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lowmazdaforkid   +1y
Thanks for the reply. My quick question then is which bolt do I tighten on the torsion bars. As you can see I haven't tackled this type of project yet. I'm sure i can figure it out but I thought i'd ask someone who's done it already so as to minimize the "trial and ERROR" factor. Thanks.
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91extcab   +1y
Search for torsion lowering, I know we have a couple how to threads with pics, raising it back up will be the opposite of the thread, but the pictures help. And if its as low as you say, you might have to re key the torsion bars when you raise it back up. They are the bolts located at the end of the torsion bar opposite the lower control arm. They are about 1.5-2ft being the front tires. There isn't much trial an error for figuring out which bolt to adjust for the torsion bar. There are only 3 that hold the bar in. 2 on a mount plate on the lca, and one that acts as a spring load at the other end of the torsion bar opposite where it mounts to the lca.

Personally I have fun dragging over rr crossigs (not all, just the ones that show low clearance for semi truck trailer and/or trailer landing gear), and some driveways/speed bumps.
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