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General Discussion \  Anyone bagged here and still have their plastic inner fender

Anyone bagged here and still have their plastic inner fender

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cruznlife1   +1y
Bagging the truck, engine bay is pretty nice and CLEAN, lots of painted stuff, polished turbo, etc.... Anyways, I would rather not bag the truck than lose my plastic inner fenders. I'm running 18x7's up front with 235/45/18's up front. I can possibly go to a smaller tire up front too if I need to, I need new fronts anyways.

But the plan is just SD cups, lots of cutting, it's already got djm arms on it now, some contitech 2500's and hardlining. valves and everything else under the bed. The rear will be down the road yet, probably gonna get some air shocks for now. How low will it go before the tires tear out the inner fenders ? I plan to drive it pretty low, basically as low as possible with proper alignment. and shocks up front. Anyone here have pics of their truck all the way down with the plastic fenders still ? Laying frame would be sweet, but I plan to drag block anyways. So laying frame isnt a must. Honestly, I want to bag it alot for functionality, getting into the lot at work is a chore of going sideways and being extremely careful, I keep snagging my bumper on all the parking stones etc. My bigass exhaust (3.5") is tucked up tight but still has a small section below the frame exposed.
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tuckin eh   +1y
only guy I know for sure that still has them is Rangeron17s from rps. I know him personally and his truck still lays kinda low with them. i think that ExtremePC guy still has his too.
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
Mine are still out along with alot of the metal fender Its dosent get too dirty under there but i do wash mine every now and then and you do live on those dusty backroads. Worst case just get some bumpstops and cut them down to where when you bottom out itll stop you from tearing up tires and fenders.
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spngr311   +1y
Dude, when are you planning on bagging your truck?!?!

In any case, that is a good idea about the bump stops.
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bodydropped85   +1y
or cut out the metal innerfenders adn raise em up.;..
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