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you might be a minitrucker if

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truckwillscrape   +1y
You might be a mini trucker if...
1. If your buy 40 copies of MiniTruckn just because there’s a visible shot of your ride off in the distance in a pic from some show coverage.
2. If you call into work stuck on the speed bump outside
3. If the accessories equal to 5 times the price given for your ride
4. If you have parts off 5 or more vehicles on your ride
5. If you cut your club logo into the grass in your front yard.
6. If you have an open tab at the local Del Taco.
7. If you claim your truck as a dependant on your taxes.
8. If when you hear the words up and down, you thin of your truck instead of sex
9. If a girl asks you if you want to have a good time, and you tell her "sure, hop in my truck"
10. If you have shaved door handles and everybody that tries to open your door has the biggest confused look on their face. And just cant figure it out you get pulled over by an officer, and he asks if you have any dubs with you, and you say "yes" I have four of them, and point to your rims.
11. If whenever your not doing anything you get on SSM
12. Your parents and their friends all ask u y u ruined a perfectly good truck.
13. Sitting in your dad's truck gives u a nose bleed
14. I’ve had 2 replace your drivers side door glass when your battery went dead
15. When your a/c compressor goes bad, u decide 2 get rid of ur a/c and body drop, rather than fix ur a/c
16. If you have to use pocket change for gas cause you spent all your check on your truck
17. If people constantly ask you why you would lower a truck
18. If you freak out that your truck is in MT under the show coverage
19. If you roll with a custom primer job if no matter how ghetto and **poopoo**ty your truck is...ya roll it like its a **fudge**ing rolls Royce
20. If your suspension is perfecto and your engine is **poopoo**
21. If you end up dropping all your truck and car models
22. If ya just plain can’t not hit the switches at a stop light with someone next to you...
23. If everyone at your school thinks you have hydro and have no idea WTF bags are
24. Break your back window and see it as an opportunity to get a lexan window
25. If you drag a hole in your exhaust
26. When u find out its time for you to sign up for vacation at work. You find out when the shows are so u can take those off
27. If ya have to swat at your friends hands cause they want to hit the switches all the time
28. If you have shirts that represent a club...have a drop em wear shirt...or ssm gear
29. You remember the day u Bagged your truck but cant remember your anniversary
30. Your wallpaper on your computer is a cover truck or your own truck
31. You went to wal mart and toys r us 4 or more times a day trying to find the steel flame
32. Your instant message name has your club in it, draggin, scrapin, or something to that effect
33. You would rather buy a aftermarket part for your truck before you buy a stock part to fix your truck so it runs
34. You check your mail straight for 5 days cause u knows MT will become. Other than that your wife checks the mail
35. You hope and pray someone hits your rear end so u can replace your bumper with that skin u have been wanting
36. If you have shaved door handles and everybody that tries to open your door has the biggest confused look on their face. And just cant figure it out
37. If you only shave your passenger door cause u don’t have the money for a popper kit
38. If ya have extra air line lying all around in your garage
39. If u take your left over tweed and wrap a piece of furniture in your house with it
40. If old people honk at you cause u drive slow in front of the mall
41. Your boss at work yells at you for looking at porn and truck sites at work
42. Your clothes have body filler in them and it wont come out no matter how many times u have washed them
43. If your lungs are full of metal dust or bondo dust
44. Watch monster garage more then porn
45. If your room has a collogue of trucks on the wall
46. If you check to see if you have new tags everyday on ssm
47. When everything you do or say refers to something being slammed, bagged, or shaved
48. If u have a stack of MT mags by the toilet
49. If your tattoo is your club logo
50. When someone calls your truck a low rider u consider those fighting words
51. When u hear hail is in the forecast u grab the blankets off your bed and go cover your truck
52. You have a "Too Low" ticket from highway patrol
53. The place you get your nitrogen & helium from has given you a 5-dollar discount on bottles because u goes in so often.
54. When you see a new Bagged truck in your area you HAVE to stop and go meet them
55. If everything you own you try to "drop, slam, or drag" weather it be a chair, a toy truck, the couch, the dining table, your kids power wheels
56. You get excited, when in the winter, you see a big state snow plow drop its plow and drag it down the highway.
57. If you have truck parts lying around INSIDE the house
58. Its been 20 degrees or colder and your out in it working on your truck
59. If you have any part of your home decorated w/posters from old MTs
60. You remember people by the cars they drive and don't know their names.
61. If zip ties are your best friends
62. If your afraid to get a job before the show season cause they might make ya work on those days
63. People ask u why u ordered a piece for your truck off of another vehicle
64. If ya love scaring the **poopoo** out of people walking on the road by dumping your truck
65. If ya play GTA 3 or GTA vice city just to play with the switches on the voodoo or yardi lobo
66. If ya wash your truck every 2 days
67. If you have burnt up more than 2 sawzalls and grinders while performing frame and body drop mods
68. If at Wendy’s...McDonalds, taco bell, and burger king...they all tell you to hit the switches every time your there
69. Every time u pull up to a stop light someone looks at you and does the hand motion telling u to make it go up and down
70. When your stereo is worth more than your truck
71. If every time you see ANY vehicle, you say, that would look badass hacked up
72. People ask you if your air tanks are nos bottles
73. If your wardrobe consists of mostly dropem shirts and jeans that have grease stains and holes in em
74. If you get surrounded by 6 cops for not having a license plate light (small towns are great...)
75. You were late to a show cause u weren’t done with your truck
76. If your new girlfriend considers your truck a threat to the relationship
77. If you read every single one of these and realize that minitrucking is the tightest sport ever...and its for life
78. If you **fudge**ing hate how every one BESIDES MINITRUCKERS...think that a lowered truck automatically means your a Mexican
79. If you get stopped for dragging, and you tell the officer something on your truck fell off
80. If people **fudge** with your truck cause its nicer then anything they ever got
81. If you play with your switches at a red light to get the attention of the hot chick walking across the street
82. Every time you sit on the can you grab your new issue of street trucks, mini truckin, or tailgate. And sit there for more than 20 min.
83. You have over 25 grand invested in your truck
84. You own a full-size... but your so crazy, that everyone calls you a minitrucker
85. You don’t have enough money for a fuel cell, so your stock gas tank resides in the bed
86. You have more phone numbers of minitruckers than chicks
87. You think taillights are overrated
88. If you speel Kustom with a K!
89. You think you're a friggin superstar cuz your truck was in mt graffiti
90. You get pulled over for being to low. Fill all the bags in front of the cop and ask, " Is that better"...
91. You spend more time at work checking out SSM than you do actually working...
92. You have a picture of your truck and not your girl in your wallet
93. You picture everything you look at bagged
94. If you have ever had the answer the question "how do you drive it like that?"
95. You’re more embarrassed that your daily is stock height than the fact that every body panel is a different color
96. You wash your mt more than 3 times a week, even if it's primered.
97. You spend more time at the shop than your own house
98. You fall asleep on the job because you were working on your truck all night
99. Your mom & dad park there brand new cars outside so you can park your truck in the garage
100. If you’ve ever had to dodge flying drag blocks from fellow draggers
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tiger   +1y
lol, I've seen that before, but I don't think all 100...I'm guilty of quite a few of those...yee-haw.
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truckwillscrape   +1y
yah same here i'm guilty of a few of those. LOL
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dirty   +1y
most of those describe me
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t baggin98   +1y
thats bad ass, my wife hates that i have multiple pictures of my truck in my wallet and none of her
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tiffany   +1y
that is so funny! OMG I know people who live by most of that. Freakin Hilarious!

"When your a/c compressor goes bad, u decide 2 get rid of ur a/c and body drop, rather than fix ur a/c" <~ one of the funnier ones and one that most are guilty of!!!
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spngr311   +1y
I love that! I remember reading it like 10 months ago, but it was so incoherent that I ended up copying it and editing it so I could actually read it! I printed it out and hung it on my wall.
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baha   +1y
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framedraggin94   +1y
omg! a fuckin mini trucker!my parents warned me about this:)
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layingframe89   +1y
yeah i have that printed off and its on my coffee table at my house lol