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Venting about a title!

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baha   +1y
Ok so In July I bought two trucks, One I got the title no prob, the other guy couldn't find it so all I got from him was a bill of sale, and before I can register it I have to have the title, so now I have to wait on him to get the replacement title, He says hes been to busy but I don't care you have a month to do it, it should have been done. Anyway calling fest 2k5 is about to begin....

Have you guys ever had a problem getting a title?
the twanksta   +1y
that sucks man. I feel ya, I hate when people are like that. Is it for your new daily?
tiger   +1y
One more reason to buy vintage iron....don't need no stinkin' title.

That does suck though, espically if it's for the daily, kinda hard to DRIVE the daily driver with no remember the guys address? Lets go find the title for him...
baha   +1y
yea I know exactly where we got it, its near Fake Edge and Raheems house, I don't want to get a lawyer involved they are to expensive
daweezi   +1y
just curious but what happens if someone has lost a title? but yea if the guy said he would get it for you...should have definately been done by now
itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
Just ask cruzinlife, Iv been waiting on a title from him for what seems like months. lol just kidding man hurry up.
wht01ranger   +1y
if he lost it, he has to get a replacement title...HE has to do it, and it takes 6weeks or dad has to do that to my sisters accord he fooled around with, but he knew in advance the title was lost already...just gives him time to fix it haha
daweezi   +1y
wow....yea start up calling fest 2k5 chances are he doesnt have the title and your goin to have to wait another 6 weeks after he goes about replacing it
baha   +1y

nah it only takes a week to get replacement hes just been lazy i guess
daweezi   +1y
haha call that man up and tell him to get you the title for the "show truck" he sold you haha