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Knuckle Up Video.. Shipping Date.

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toepoint   +1y
Knuckle Up Video vol.1 is shipping on 07.27. (wednesday)

Only a few days left to get you're FREE K.U.V. Hat!
(pre-orders only ... now until 7.27.)

<a href="">a>
DVD is over 2hours long..

*SEMA '04
*Bring the Noize '05
*Forbiddon Fantasy '05
*Aarons CL (aon)
*Phx IAS
*Jim's '98 Honda Civic
*Clint's Frontier
*HRE Wheel Feature
*Pharcyde Novemberfest
*Jean's '98 GMC Safari
*2 Drag events, Party footage, chapter menu's,
Bonus features.. drunkin ass directors commentary.....
*PLUS a bunch more... TWO HOURS!

<a href="">Quicktime Preview</a>

<a href="">WMV Preview</a>
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daweezi   +1y
hmmmmm i may have to order one
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infernoford   +1y
already have mine on order...can't wait for it to show up.
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