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General Discussion \  How/ When did you start moding/pimpin your ride?

How/ When did you start moding/pimpin your ride?

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blackranger93   +1y
So far I started last Christmas w/ the euros then I got clearcornners at the begining of summer. so I'm basicly working on the out side right now...
daweezi avatar
daweezi   +1y
as soon as i got it, my dumb ass best friend just had to get a damn system. so then i needed a system, then he got somethin else, then i was like i need that ya after a while i got hooked
tiger avatar
tiger   +1y
A few months after I got it...can't remember exactly, been a while ago no.
the twanksta avatar
the twanksta   +1y
I beleive my first mod was my exhaust. A Flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust. I got that when I was 15 and still couldnt drive! haha I used to sit in my garage and just rev it up and disturb the peace! Then i got my system and euros, and so on and so on...
laidout99 avatar
laidout99   +1y
umm..Lets see got mine in April of 03, 2 months later it had a 4/5 dropp, 2 12s, my Pioneer CD Deck, then about 3 months after that, got my Exhuast, tinted the windows, clears,.left it like that for about a year and then bagged it and started shaving it...and now it's as it sits...bout to go back in the shop for complete shave and paint..
mrrngr94 avatar
mrrngr94   +1y
I started in '96 with the normal blackouts and bs.
spngr311 avatar
spngr311   +1y
Started about 6 months after I got it - flowmaster, clear corners, and new mirrors. Nothing big, but got me started. Still took a while before I did anything permanent or significant.
layingframe89 avatar
layingframe89   +1y
every car truck suv ect. that i have had i have done modding to like my first car i shaved the paint off the emblems and painted them to matchj the color of my center caps on my wheels lol and i had 17s on it then i got my first of 3 rangers it was bagged then i got my lifted ranger and then another ranger which is the one i have now and also my suv it already has mods on it lol
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dirty   +1y
i started on mine right after i got
exhaust clears and that bolt on stuff
then after i had for about 2 yrs i jacked it up on 33s shaved the tailgate handle and emblems. drove around like that for about another 1 1/2 or so then i sold the lift and all and bagged it and shaved more shit.
which reminds me i still more shit to shave
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
my 1st ranger was everything i didnt want... 93 Reg Cab, Long BEd, Silve w/ Red int, 2.3L 5-speed.

I started w/ stereo then clear corners and euros... sold that hunk

bought my splash, kept it clean i think and do tasteful mods