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What should I do?

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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
Ok... i'mlooking at this in the view of: 1. I'm baggin my truck beginning/mis Aug, The work it will be to put into the changes, and the money it will cost to do the change.

here my lil dilema: I picked up a tinted full Lexan back window w/ the license plate box on the drivers side(straight, not angled) I'm looking at what it would end up costing me to get a new seal and have it put in and then I know I'd have to get a new rollpan due to the fact i have a GFC pan w/ a centered license plate box.

It would be different to have the Lexan Window on there and a straight pan but im about to drop a decent amount of cash on my front bag setup and I'm moving to Florida mid Sept so i'm wondering if i should jus stick w/ the pan and rear window i got now or fuck it and do the change... what are your guys' thoughts on things? And how much shit will I get from the cops in the south for the license plate in the rear window rather then on the bed?

sorry its a lil long and more of a jibberish of thoughts hope u guys understand what is goin on
the twanksta   +1y
Where at in FL? i live in Tampa, and the cops usually arent that strict on any kind of laws like that..normally the only time i get pulled over for stupid things liek thatis during spring break when they know your out there and just want money. Just my 2 cents. I am actually going to get one those windows soon too, so.
spngr311   +1y
You'll get shit if you were doing something else that caused them to pull you over. When I was (wrongly, I fought it and won) pulled over for supposedly speeding, the cop started to say he was going to write me up for not having a bumper (which was actually in the bed of my truck in plain view because I didn't know what else to do with it!). I said there was a bar behind it welded to the frame and had a discussion with him about it, saying a bunch of stuff that I don't know if it is really true that I had read on RPS a while back. He let me go on it though. So, in conclusion, just expect some shit if you are doing something that will get you pulled over. However, this is the case for most things in Florida.
xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
I'm gettin a place in the Orlando area in September.

Update already I got sum1 trading me a smooth rollpan for a pan w/a license plate box so i'll jus trade and go w/ the smooth ass and put the window in... wahoo i'm pretty stoked bout this!
daweezi   +1y
get some pics up when u do it
dirty   +1y

saw your post on rps about this
sounds like a good deal

get some pics when you get it done
xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
haha sorry guys... no pics of the truck for a WHILE... by the time it might have a pciture online it will have a lot more done to it.. prob by mid sept i'll throw sum pics up b4 or after ig et to florida cuz i have to get sum beach draggin pics
layingframe89   +1y
yeah in ga u wont get no crap from cops un less u get pulled over for something else then they will find more stuff

but the lisense in the window should not be a problem
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