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General Discussion \  no power inside my truck... HELP!!!

no power inside my truck... HELP!!!

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lexaniranger   +1y
hey everyone so today i just went out to start my truck and everything was dead my dome light wont light up my head unit has no power my monster tach has no power or light my subs and amp have no power the only power i have on the inside of my truck are my guages.... i know its not the battery cuz my truck starts and my headlights work but nothing inside my truck works so i know its most likely a fuse but i dont have the owners manual so i dont have any idea what fuse it would be my truck is a 94 4.0L 2wd ext. cab any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance
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tiger   +1y
Check ALL the fuses...everythign you listed isn't on the same fuse, they are on about 5 different fuses.

If you do find blown fuses, don't just replace them and call it done, figure out why they popped and fix that problem time the fuse may not blow and you'll be roasting marshmellows on your truck.
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johnny5   +1y
good thinking tiger lol
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