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Halo 2?

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baha   +1y
Who all here plays Halo2 online? Maybe we could have a tournament
daweezi   +1y
YESHHHHHHHH, as long as mark doesnt own me like last time
tiger   +1y
I play...I'm not spectacular, but I'm decent.



You bitches better reconize
daweezi   +1y
sweet we should definately try and get a tournament goin
baha   +1y
This will be a one on one tournament so no one can camp and snipe all the time lol and double elimination! I'll make a bracket
baha   +1y
oh yea daweezi wait till you play Mark's friend marc hes a little better they always whip up on me haha
tiger   +1y
one on one? custom game types or normal? Cause I usually suck at one-on-one, cause I never get to the sword/sniper/rockets fast enough
baha   +1y
how about default, but no sniper weapons
tiger   +1y
Whatever game type is fine for me, snipers included...i like the sniper, just so long as i'm pulling the trigger and not getting popped, lol
wht01ranger   +1y
man i'd woup marc's ass one handed

yea l;ets def. do this, it'll be fun