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20s or 22s on minis?

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baha   +1y
What size do you think looks better? Im starting to lean more towards 20s because having a chunk of the fender missing just doesn't look good to me for the tire, but it is pretty crazy to tuck 22s I'm still undecided what do you think? 22s kinda make it look like a dub city car?
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nickf829   +1y
22s look nice when laid out, but aired up it looks like a factory height ranger on some uh dem twanky deuces... i say go with 20s
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tiger   +1y
get 20's for the front, 22's for the rear.

Personally though, I really like the look of 18's in the front, 20's in the rear. 20's all the way around don't look too bad on slightly lifted Rangers with lots of meat for a tire, but I'm still not completly sold on them otherwise.
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layingframe89   +1y
20s 22s are over kill i think plus u will look retarded aired up and not getting out of the fenders with 22s lol
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daweezi   +1y
22s are impressive when done tastefully, but 20s are the biggest u could probably go and not look goofy when aired up, so yah 20s
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wht01ranger   +1y
20 and 22's look hella good in whatever combo u use, but i like being able to drive low and turn 90degrees, biggest i'd probably ever get on a mini is 17, maybe 18...especially bodydropped...but that is me though because i want to drive it everyday

whenever i get a chance to build a strictly show truck, i'll get the big wheels for it though

so i'd do 20/22 or 22/22...just reshape the front fenders, like shane with the blazer
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baha   +1y
yea ill probably just go 20s, and shanes blazer has 20s up front its sweet though
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daweezi   +1y
is shanes blazer the bodydropped two toned red and black one on black rims?
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baha   +1y
yea thats his its bad ass
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infernoford   +1y
20-22's look good when done well, but it really easy to make them look like poo. I personally like 18's