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Stupid minitrucker stories

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infernoford   +1y
my buddy found this on another forum...

We get there and sit around and talk for an hour or so and head out to the parking lot. We start lookin over Phils truck. Dark gray primered S10, bagged and all the whatnot with the controls to lower/raise it, etc.

Brian wants him to check out his Ranger, so he pulls around in behind it and then drops the suspension so he's laying the frame on the ground, but doesn't bother to put it back into park. We stood there and talked a little bit about what he's done and what he wants to do with it and whatnot. A few minutes later as we're standing behind his truck, Phil reached into his truck and grabbed his remote for his bags.

He stands up, looks at us with a big "yeah I'm a badass" grin on his face, flips a switch to raise his truck. Suddenly the truck just starts rolling forward.
The look on his face was absolutely Priceless... It went from "yeah I'm a badass" to "holy fucking shit, it's rolling!"
So as he reacts he leans into his truck to try to get to the floor shifter to slam it into park... he can't reach it. Meanwhile he dropped his controls between the seat and the door, so he does the next best thing... he grabs the steering wheel and yanks it to the right to avoid hitting all the parked cars.
I'm standing there with my jaw wide open as Brian is yelling "HIT THE SWITCH HIT THE SWITCH!!!"
About 5 or six parking spaces later he finally gets to his controller and drops his truck to the frame and stops it. I'm still standing there, only now I'm fucking laughing my ass off.

Lets see what you guys/girl can come up with...
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daweezi   +1y
hot damn thats funny as hell
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nickf829   +1y
wow, i have enough stories to write a book, but heres a few

-i decided to drive my old "daily" ranger when theres other dumbasses on the road... hence why it's my "old" ranger

-i decided to drive my BD(before it was so) on an icy road, which is how i wound up full on humping a guardrail

-i got pulled(1 of 16 in 2004) in orange county virginia, don't remember the reason but the cop did dukes of hazard style 180 with a little tire spin on a small, very RURAL 2 lane road, pulled me over, as he got out of the car, i scrambled to cover my switchbox with a legal pad i had laying in there.. i pushed to hard and hit a switch and the whole front end comes hopping allmost all the way up, somehow deputy dewey didn't see it, guess he was to busy looking into his reverse mirrored state police glasses. i sure as hell had to be the most paranoid mofo alive as he asked me why he pulled me over though haha

-i decided to drive my daily to the courthouse and leave it right out front, as court let out, in a small town, where every cop has seen or pulled me, well 2 state troopers walked down the hill grinning ear to ear, they walked around the corner and stood by there car, i knew they knew i owned the truck, so i get in, a friend decided to crank the subs all the way up and play with the switches not knowing the state po. was right around the corner, well i do a legal u turn and realize im out of air, so i run it into a parking lot behind a big group of vans, dragging and banging everything in site only to wait a few seconds to air up, then back out and once again, dukes style, cops come flying around the corner lights blaring.. stupid me

conclusion - most all my stupid minitrucker stories involve cops or driving my rangers, period... solution, don't drive them or don't keep track of tickets.. i'd like to do the latter if i can ever get my BD on the road

lets here more stories
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infernoford   +1y
yeah...keep 'em coming
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
nice stories.. mine rn't all the greatest... but

i had my truck over a yr and it was my 2nd truck i've had mylicens about 2 1/2 yrs now and i never had front plates on my truck(ohio law) and 2 days after i lowered my splash to where it is now i was driving downa moderately busy 4 lane road and a cop did a dukes of hazard u-turn like nick's cops like to do and flipped his lights and siren so i pulled over he got out to give me a warning for my front plate!

About 2 months ago i had a lil fender bender and some other trouble but i was intha back of the cruiser and was asking me some questions and asked me the infamous "Do you Suicide Doors on that truck?" after he had me get out of my truck and had opened the door for me himself! I gave him the r u stupid look and said no its an company that sells airsuspension. One of these days that stupid "" sticker needs to come off!
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bodydropped85   +1y
haha thats y i took mine off. ah to many to remember haha i got a few ill post em up later.
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wht01ranger   +1y
i remember this one time one of my buddies were dragging back and forth a parking lot and then another buddy got in with him, then they come around the corner to start accelerating andthe truck cut off....then a group of guys ended up pushing his truck down the drag strip and once he got enoughspeed he layed it out and drug it

it was truly the GA minitruck bobsled was an inspiring moment to see such a dedicated group of bunch do whatever it takes to make sparks

then we saw a puddle of gas under the truck...and afterabout 30mins of troubleshooting and relay and fuse search, Mr. Electrician himself came to the conclusion that the passengers fatass during the drag triggered the inertia switch, therefore cutting off spark from the truck

then we headed home and they left me in the dust because i was in my mazda with 85horsepower, A/C off
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bodydropped85   +1y

HHAHAHAHAH that was me yes yes. o and mark the inertia swtich kills the power to the fuel pumps not the dizzy. yes my 90 hp 4banger was strollin on the way home.
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wht01ranger   +1y
whatever, bottom line it wouldnt start haha
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wht01ranger   +1y
but yea, the mazda has never tipped passed 75mph on the speedo till that day...75mph on my speedo is really keep up with u on the way there, it said i was going 85-90 lol