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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
Who has helped or influenced you the most with your projects?

1. The truck that made me want to do mine was the Bodydropped yellow edge

2. The most helpful person though would have to be JBHill, hes hooked me up with several parts and givin me alot of usefull crap and info.

Thanks James and guy with yellow edge.
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tiger   +1y
Influence has been everyone else....look at what they've done, don't do it and do my own thing.

Most helpful has been by father. Always willing to give a helping hand when needed.
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daweezi   +1y best friend Adam Green...ever since i saw his system ive been hooked on the scene

Helpful...Baha most definately, ive learned more from him than anyone and hes helped me realize i still dont know anything haha but soon i shall be getting some hands on help with some shavin
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baha   +1y
RangerDave's ranger after i saw his i was like omg i have to body drop mine to
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bodydropped85   +1y
haha thx josh. yea i got the sweet hookups haha.

hmm jason millers truck featured in truckin back in 98 had me hooked..
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robert0035   +1y
My brother is the one who got me in the minitruckin scene
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
everyone else and all the forums!
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spngr311   +1y
Pretty much any ride that throws sparks - I get really jealous and it gets me working harder.
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baha   +1y
I rarely drag mine im skurred
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t baggin98   +1y
i looked up to anyone that had air before me cuz i love it so much. other than that my influences were my dad and grandpa, they got me into cars and gave me a lot of the knowledge i have today. oh baha, dont be skurred. we build em to break em. best quote ive ever heard: " you drag that shit, you break that shit, you fix that shit and drag it again!"