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dogfather   +1y
Good After new Years Morning to all the Ranger Fans out there.

I am a Blue Blood. But of the last few years I have strayed. and bought suzuki, and Toyota. Still have all my Blue Ovals thow..

I have the wifes dailly Driver 2000 F150 4X4 and My Tow Rig 1988 F350 Crew 4X4 and the 88 Ranger in the Back 40 waiting for more Money.

But we just picked up a 96 Ranger for the wife to have as a new Dailly driver.

The Wife and I are Retired, Living out our time on Grandpa's Farm next to the Hay Barn in our 5th wheel with our 4 dogs and 14 Barn cats, 5 mini Truck projects, and 4 Offroad Projects
In our Yard:
Her 91 Mazda
My 76 Toy
our 73 Datsun
Her 96 Ranger
My 77 Toyota Shinook Motor Home
My 88 Sammy
My 86 Sammy
Her 84 S10 Dalmation on 3/4T Ford axles
Son's Sammy
Our 88 F350 The Dog
Her F150 DD

I do have a question if any one knows?

is the automatic tranny in a 96 controled by the computer? this one is a 5 Speed and I want to convert it to automatic.

Will I need the computer from an automatic truck as well?

My Dog
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The New Addition
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The Price was right... (Free)
it needs a radiator, Tranny, tires, probably a motor before too long it has 300+K on it. So I figure Slamm the heck out of it like the rest of my 2 wheel drive rigs.

But my Main concern is to convert it to automatic..
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baha   +1y
Welcome to the site man, nice project
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baha   +1y
And yes, what size motor does it have? I have a 4.0L with auto and would like to convert it to 5spd
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