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throwback ranger   +1y
My name is Travis, i have a 90 and 99 Ford Ranger. My 90 is pretty much stock and I am in the process of attempting to build a frame for it. My 99 is no where near stock. 20 inch wheels, a banging sound system and it was about to be bagged when i wrecked it. I am waiting on the collision shop to finish it up so i can finally bad it. can't wait to do that. I'm a student at Wyotech in Blairsville, Pa. That is where I am attempting the frame for my 90. Pretty Laid back. I want to be the first person to run 24s on a 90 ranger and not have the insane camber issue. Plan on running either s-1o control arms or a yota. not sure yet. want to bodydrop my 99 one day but right now i am just wanting to get it planted on the ground.
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throwback ranger   +1y
Oh and i want to bring this forum back cause Rangers need a forum. look at all the chevy shit!
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snooptodd   +1y
Welcome to the scene. Good luck with your trucks. Post up some pics of the progress. L8R.
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one_lo_mini   +1y
bring this forum back!!! im on Floridatruckscene alot, moost of the guys there are part of some "scene" thought i'd be part of the rangerscene

I have a hacked up 99 ranger. litteralry i bought a hackjob, and it has been getting a frameoff resto since NOvember. Its a 99 single cab, will be TBD on 20" boyds, fully shaved w/ caddies, Edge front clip, and soon enough a tweed and fiberglass interior, Body and suspension work done by my man Donnie at Blacklist Kustoms, and interior will be done by Jon @ epicenter designs.
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