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dkm30263   +1y
Just wanted to holla at everyone and say whats up!! My name is daniel with East Coast Customz in Ga. We do anything from audio to air ride and body drops. Looking forward to talking to you all soon.
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
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dkm30263   +1y
thanks bro
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snooptodd   +1y
Welcome to the site!!
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bodydropped85   +1y
sup daniel! lets see some pics of that ranger you got
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dkm30263   +1y
if I could figure out how to post them, I would post them all. How can I do it? all my pics are saved in a my pics folder.
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scrp1day   +1y
welcome to the site. to post pics the easy way get an account at and copy and paste the image line. where in ga are you?
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dkm30263   +1y
carrollton ga just outside of atlanta. 45mins southwest of atl. I have a shop there, East Coast Customz. We do anything from stereos to bodydrops!
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grantkustoms   +1y
welcome to the site
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