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Newbie from Upstate NY

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locojo25   +1y
Whats up guys my name is Joe Rawleigh and I live in Mount Morris N.Y. which is about 25 minutes south of rochester. I have a 1995 Ranger xlt that has been bagged and bodydropped, with a fully painted chassis motor swap and tons of body mods. it is still a work in progress and about to undergo another extensive reconstructive operation. I also have a 1990 isuzu pup that is pretty much stock except for airride. I ride a 1976 completely custom harley which is in the shop now bummer. I am CNC machinist but i have come to realize that production work is not for me. I want to do custom work and make cool parts not some part to a huge machine in kodak that ill never even see together. Thats pretty much me so i am here to hopefully learn as well as help whenever possible also to network with other ranger enthusiasts.
L88888 Joe
drgitfgt   +1y
welcome! post often!

...oh, and get some pictures of the Ranger posted!!!
thetornado   +1y
dude get some pics up!!! sounds awesome.
let me know if you have any questions bout the site.
bodydropped85   +1y
spngr311   +1y
Pics please.
snooptodd   +1y
welcome!! Let's see some pics.
baha   +1y
we love pics welcome to the site
drgitfgt   +1y
yes, we live for pictures around here
scrp1day   +1y
we are pic hungry people here! maybe next time im in buffalo i could just see it!
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