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rydall7   +1y
hey my name is kyle im 17 from canada..a couple of my buddys have bagged trucks and really got me into the scene..yah found this site wile doing my reserch lol..this fall i plan on buying a 01 ranger edge 2 wheel of course...and put it away for the some ideas in my headbut not sure wat i want to do with going on bags for sure...not sure yet wat im doing for wheels yet im thinking 20's n 22's...but yah doing the reserch to see wat im getting myself into..its going to happen to matter wat im just lookin for the little things that someone who hasnt bagged a reanger before wouldnt seein alot about "z" the no idea wat that means.. talked to me buddy who bagged his s 10 on 20's he wasnt to sure eather.. so any help..anyhting at all would be awesome.
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baha   +1y
I'll see if I can find some pics of that to help explain what it is, welcome to the site!
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rydall7   +1y
kewl thanks alot..
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jetmodifydranger   +1y
Welcome to the scene then man. As for all the rest it all really depends on the setup and what youre wanting out of everything.
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rydall7   +1y
my goal is to have it lay frame on 20's n 22' still thinking not sure i want to spend the money but i no a guy who will build me a frame so i get a little closer to the ground wen its aired out..
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snooptodd   +1y
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daweezi   +1y
welcome to the forums bro
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