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Hello there

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isuzueh   +1y
hey guys I'm new.....looks like a kick ass forum, anyone else here from around Toronto Canada
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daweezi   +1y
welcome to the forums bro
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baha   +1y
welcome to the site mane
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snooptodd   +1y
isuzueh avatar
isuzueh   +1y
hey thanks guys....seems like a much cooler place to be than over at RPS avatar   +1y
welcome to the site.

It's alittle more relaxed then RPS. Espically when you can kick Baha the owner in the junk.
baha avatar
baha   +1y
yea but watch out for chuck norris one time he round house kicked my tailgate and BAM it was shaved avatar   +1y
I got no beef with Chuck Norris!
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
layingframe89 avatar
layingframe89   +1y
welcome mane