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New guy, just heard about the site..

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ivor.-randy   +1y
Whats up ya'll...just heard about the site from somewhere on SSM. Anyways, i own a 94 ranger. Its bagged, and lays frame on 20s w/ dream beams, even though i dont actually have 20's for it yet. Its still in the project stages right now. Figured id sign up and hopefully get some help or be able to help others out with their rangers. Here's a few pics...
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the twanksta   +1y
Looking good man. Im planning to bag as soon as i can. Of course on I-beams and yes I have 20s...hopefully my offset will be good enough to tuck em..well see! Cant wait to see your truck running 20" strong!
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daweezi   +1y
welcome to the forums man...truck looks damn good, hope to see some wheels on it soon
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ivor.-randy   +1y
Thanks guys, i hear ya both on the rims thing...the balloon tires to equal a 20" inch rim with a 40 series tire just dont cut soon though hopefully
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daweezi   +1y
werd...nothing like some billet or chrome in place of the stockers
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mrrngr94   +1y
Can you show some pics of your setup?
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infernoford   +1y
look'n good man welcome
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spngr311   +1y

I second that!

Looks good man!
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92fordranger   +1y
welcome bro
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truckwillscrape   +1y
WERD! Welcome to the site man yah the stockers look okay but i would much rather have 20's and btw that thing is lookin damn good and layin low that is the best way to be is layin low but yah i want to see some pics of your setup and when you get 20's on there