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95lowtide   +1y
hi y'all! my names Brian and im from Fort Wayne, Indiana and i am new to this site. i own a 1995 Ford Ranger Splash thats got a 4/5 drop, roll pan and a cd/mp3 player. i got more mods planned out for it but money is kinda thin right now. oh, and this is my first minitruck as i have owned some Hondas in the past. anywho, i found this site from someone on who posted a video or something. decided to check it out and this place seems cool as hell. i hope to contribute some and learn at the same time. take it easy y'all!
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daweezi   +1y
welcome to the forums man, get some pics of ure truck up
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95lowtide   +1y
heres a link to the pics i posted:
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dirty   +1y
good to have ya here
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spngr311   +1y
Welcome to the forums. Nice truck you've got. Can't wait to see more done to it.
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layingframe89   +1y
yeah man welcome to the site
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reflectorcollectin_ranger   +1y
welcome to this forum dude, if you love rangers you'll love this forum
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johnny5   +1y
yes make yourself at home lol
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grantkustoms   +1y
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the twanksta   +1y
Yeah, man this site kicks ass! Welcome!