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center stage customs   +1y
Whats up fella's
names Jimmy , I own and run Center Stage Customs, soon to be one of the biggest parts distributors around, LOL and not just one of the ones who talk alot i've actually got numerous Magazine ads coming out as well as alot of advertising on many other online sites.
Just wanted to say whats up to all you guys, let you know if your in need of bag parts or anything for that matter, give me a shout and i'll most definently hook you guys up.
We sell everything suspension wise and of coarse i've got all the needed goody's for you Ranger owners, top notch pre98 Ranger front bag mounts, 98-up Ranger front bag mounts, radius arm relocators, tranny x-members, dont even trip i got you guys covered.
Along with all that we're now also carrying all Grant Kustoms Sheetmetal products as well as a full line of Billet Accessories Direct products and BYC Tubulars
if there's anything i can help you with shoot me a email or give me a call and i'll get you set up for sure
and my # over here is 209-825-6042
alright guys take it easy, just wanted to introduce myself and say whats up
later everyone
Jimmy - Center Stage Customs
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layingframe89   +1y
ok man thanks for the info
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baha   +1y
hey whats up man welcome to the site, arn't you on to? If you would like a realy affordable effecient way to get your name out there, advertising space on these websites is pretty cheap, perfect for you if your just starting out. Good luck man

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daweezi   +1y
welcome to the site man, do you have a website?
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center stage customs   +1y
Sites being made by Kutting Edge Graphix, should be up within the next few weeks. And yeah I had already planned on advertising through ya LOL member you held onto a few blocks for me. Just was lookin through the site and thought i would post.
alright guys talk to ya later
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layingframe89   +1y
do u build ur own parts or do u use someone eles?
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bear   +1y
are the mazda 86-93 control arms still available through u and what r the prices and what brand r they
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