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Another defective from RPS

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cubanlinx98   +1y
Hey guys. I was just introduced to this board, and so far, its great. Glad to be a part of something new and interesting. Look forward to good times here on the board.
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daweezi   +1y
haha RPS defective sweet, welcome to the forums man, lot of great guys on here have fun postin
baha   +1y
welcome to the site man, im sure you will like it better here, everyone here has done alot to their truck, and the mods don't talk to you in riddles and think they are funny and play gay jokes on you like saying your banned and well I could keep going on and on but welcome!
daweezi   +1y
sweet truck too man, just saw the pic, makes me wanna go out and buy a newer ranger haha
layingframe89   +1y
yeah man welcome to the boards
spngr311   +1y
Glad to see you made it over Danny.
wht01ranger   +1y
wasup man, nice looking ranger
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