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eliteninja   +1y
hey hey, ranger people, im from alberta, canada, i have a 98 ranger, its pretty stock right now, im goin over ideas for a stereo right now, if u have any ideas that would be sweet, its a reg cab so not a lot of room to work with, im thinkin of goin with two ten inch subs behind the seat
daweezi   +1y
welcome ot the forums man, 2 10s behind the seats sound like a great idea, i say go with it
baha   +1y
welcome to the forums!
reflectorcollectin_ranger   +1y
hey man, welcome.
tiger   +1y
In my worst Fat Albert impression, eh-hem, "HEy, HEy HEy!"
infernoford   +1y
^^^lmao... welcome!
xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
Welcome.. i'm w/ Daweezi... 2 10's fit kinda tightbut sound good ina reg cab.. cut thru's r also an option if you feel like cutting sh!t up
spngr311   +1y
Welcome to the forum.
t baggin98   +1y
welcome bro
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