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new and need a hand

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t baggin98   +1y
im pretty new to all this so if anyone could tell me how to post pics that would be splended! thanks.
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wht01ranger   +1y
on the reply menu, there is an IMG button

what u do is

click on the button
paste the link to the picture
click on the button again
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t baggin98   +1y
thanks man!
t baggin98 avatar
t baggin98   +1y
dude im feelin pretty retarded here but i still cant get this damn thing to work. you said to paste a link to the pic but there is no link. the pictures are from my camera. is there anything differant or am i just that computer reterded?
spngr311 avatar
spngr311   +1y
You need to upload the pictures to a website. You can upload it to the gallery here on rangerscene. Or you can upload them to streetsourcemag, cardomain, or one of the countless other free image hosting sites. I suggest you just put them up here.

When it's uploaded, open the pictures and right click on the actual image to get the url of them. Then post them with the [ img ] tags.
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