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S10 Projects \  Budget Dime 93 S10 Extended cab 2wd. 4/15/07

Budget Dime 93 S10 Extended cab 2wd. 4/15/07

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03ranger   +1y
hey . I posted before saying i was getting a 92 regular cab dime , well those plans fell thru but today i just picked up this beaut. I picked it up for $400.00 . its 2wd with a 4.3 v6 . it needs body work more then anything from what i can tell thus far . I won't be able to fly with projects fast like you guys all do , money is tight and it will be along slow build .

here's my plans for it ( this with the hopes it lasts me ) :

sucide hood
bags in the front (for mean time) {2} 2500's with 4 3/8 smcs with half inch line . 8 gallon 8 port tank .
put in some caviler seats or a s10 bench from a 94 up s10
frenched license plate
try and find some blazer or somethin rims (something better then the stock steelies)
clears all the way around .
new front bumper
roll pan
primer flat black.

: needs :

new bed .
new extended cab quarters
possibly doors .
possibly hood ( looks like a dent in the hood- may have to look for another)
possibly fenders ( haven't gotten to look at them yet.)
possibly needs tuneup and rear pumpkin seal .

check out the pics- i snapped these two this evening before it got dark ...

what ya think?
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nvious kreationz   +1y
hell yea man can't beat the price looks good so far take your time and do everything once and correct the first time it will save you time and alot of money!!!
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cluster   +1y
nice priced!

and wow! its a post lol
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03ranger   +1y
thanks for the comments.

CRAP- who do i see about ringing someone's neck? had a flippin flat- so i went to the gas station near the jobsite i'm at and they plug the tire and charge me flippin 15$ to plug it - 2-3 AND A HALF hrs later the damn thing is goin flat again - so i took it back - and had them check the tire. This time its the side wall . nothing they can do with it - gas station boss refunds me 5$ (woopie ) and they swap my spare for the damaged one . Also found that i have a slight leak in my gas tank- damnit ! now i have to track that down too. JUST can't get ahead .fock!
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