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91adzam   +1y
thinkin bout bagin my b2200 but im not too sure on should i find a shop or jus get all the parts for it not sure what places do that.i live in tacoma wa by the way if anyone knoes a good spot let me knoe thanks.
mymmeryloss avatar
mymmeryloss   +1y
Do you know how to weld?
rcogan avatar
rcogan   +1y
if your talking about doing it yourself, definitely need to know your welding and small fabrication skills
do you have a good place to do it?
thermus avatar
thermus   +1y
What's your budget. My buddy has a fab shop in his garage and we could do it there in a weekend if you had everything. I'm a parts dealer as well. Let me know what you need. Also, you can help with the build so you can learn.

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