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Air ride help!

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mazdab26   +1y
I have a 91 b2600i that I want to bag here in the next few months and want to input on what to get. I'm not all that great with suspension work so probably gonna have someone install for me. Any suggestions?
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mazdafvr   +1y
i hate referring people to a different thread cause some find it disrespectful in a manor of not having time to answer somones questions but i truly mean no disrespect. i don't know much about it. but i just looked at the (bagged daily) and it seems there is some awesome info on there, most the other newbies seem to understand it, i don't know anything about it yet, not sure if ill bag in the future or not. but you should get a good understanding of how it works.
if you do get it bagged, i wanna see it. lol
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jiffyzx6   +1y
When i get a free chance I'm going to try and do a wright up to explain everything... I know almost nothing about it but will be researching every piece and posting what I find for others who have all the same questions I do. Hopefully when I'm done it will help make things clearer. Till then, there's plenty of threads on here that will give you an idea
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baha   +1y
Do you guys ever check out the tech write ups by members section?

This thread will probably help answer some questions:
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kovz   +1y
Post specific questions that you have. We will be happy to answer them. I posted a lot of useful info in that "bagged daily" thread too.
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thermus   +1y
Bumping an old post. Did you ever do anything or still needing help?

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