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Forum Fest 2013

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thermus   +1y
Hey everyone,

This is Forum Fest's 4th year and can come together and win it with just our minis. I'm going to go support mazdabscene. Who is with me?

Link to event:
86baggedmazda avatar
86baggedmazda   +1y
Im there morbid creations style
91b22 avatar
91b22   +1y
I'm in.
thermus avatar
thermus   +1y
Hell yeah! C'mon people! Lets get some more! Spread the word! I am working on the official logo right now. We will get some window stickers made and represent!
baha avatar
baha   +1y
This sounds like a pretty cool event, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. I"ll hook you guys up with some stickers. When is it?
thermus avatar
thermus   +1y
Its late june I think. June for sure, just not sure the date.
un4givn85 avatar
un4givn85   +1y
i wont be able to make it, thats way too close to my wifes due date.
ken_b avatar
ken_b   +1y
As long as I have a new motor in the B by then you can count me in.
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