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palebeaner   +1y
Need help with timming advance. After a weber carb install and pacesetter header
Truck ran fine before mod but now i can only get it to fire up. With distributer all the way advance. Itmruns fine but will not go past 65 and slows down and loss of power at hills. Any help or ideas would help
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thermus   +1y

Welcome to the forum. I understand that you're needing help and in a hurry to get it so your truck will run fine but please post in the right area. The "Meets" area is for just that. The "Tech" area would be the correct location.

Please tell me what kinda carb you got... 32/36 or 38/38? I have my timing advanced 12 degrees but also I have a cam and over bored.

Did mess with the fuel mixture screws?
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palebeaner   +1y
Its the 32/36 and i can only get it to run rich. When i lean it out it just dies by the first 1/8 of a turn. I also removed all the emissions and did a egr delete plate. All stock engine internals with 130k original miles,also did a compression test and everythings was good across all four
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palebeaner   +1y
Also quick question just moved and can find my laptop. Do you know how to upload pics using. Galaxy tab
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Cusser   +1y
An issue is that vacuum leaks can occur with Weber installations if you don't "sand" the adapters flat using wet/dry on a sheet of glass. And vacuum leaks can affect your timing big time when you try to set it at 900 rpm.

Either find that vacuum leak and fix, or "band-aid" and set the timing to 6BTDC with the vacuum line unplugged from the distributor and the vacuum line plugged, then re-attach.
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