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NC Meet - This Saturday

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sdime98   +1y
Having a Meet at the Laurel Hill Community Center, off of Highway 74, in Laurel Hill, NC this Saturday, March 22nd...very late notice, i know..The meet is planned to begin around 4PM, and last until dusk, when we will probably all head out to grab some dinner in Rockingham, and then cruise, have a drag session, or whatever later on into the night..

the address for the Meet is:

Laurel Hill Community Center
14940 Church St.
Laurel Hill, NC 28351

feel free to email or PM me with any questions, this will be the 3rd annual, and hope to make it the biggest are a few pics from the first 2..

thread post photo

thread post photo

and here is a map of town with the big red dot being the spot of the meet...
thread post photo

here goes a simple set of directions to get you here once you make it into town...and on the map, you can see i marked the 2 stoplights, basically on each end of town..along with the Hardee's and the BP...The Community Center is of course the big red goes..

coming from Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro:

you'll come into town, and come thru the first stoplight, then after going thru it, you'll see the BP up on the left, and the Hardee's sign is on the right, along with a citgo beside it..thats the median you'll need to hit, and then turn down to the left, just before the BP, and go across the train tracks, and the Community Center is on your right about a 1/8th mile down the road.

coming from the east, passing thru Laurinburg:

you'll come into town, and you'll come to a stoplight, with Dollar General to your right at the light, then you'll come up to the BP a 1/4 mile or so on your right. turn to the right just past the BP, onto Church Street, cross the railroad tracks, and it will be down on the right..

so hope to see you there...and again, please contact me if you have any questions..


blackls1   +1y
I was working. I saw some of the pics. Looked like you guys had a nice time.
I'm looking foward to going to greenville
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