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Scrapin Wilmington

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dragginncrds   +1y
We are havin a meet in Wilmington NC the weekend of November 11 and 12.
I will let yahll know on a exact location but we would like to get as many trucks together for a drag session... let as many people as yahll wont know so that we can get as many trucks... as far as i know we will meet at the local K mart. get a roll call for me so i can let me friend know.
cluster   +1y
ahhh snap! the truck might be rolling ot that one havent been in wilmington in awhile nice town to cruise IMO

kmart on market st?
dragginncrds   +1y
kmart on College... there is no Kmart on market... theres a Taget.. but i think we might find a place that will let us do legal draggin... so we dont gotta worry bout the fukin cops
cluster   +1y
oh been awhile my bad lol...must of been target i was thinking then
maz89   +1y
you guys suck, I wanna go....
cluster   +1y

then go

kinda far?
dunno where in GA u are i only lived in augusta and only been to savannah besides that
maz89   +1y
im about 30mins south of Atlanta, I'd like to go, just doubt I'd have the time or the extra cash to go.......
dragginncrds   +1y
well all yahll fools need to come...
maz89   +1y
you payin' the way!? LOL
lvnlow9543   +1y
door dragr im down for the ride