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schreff   +1y
Ok I want to cut out my inner fender wells but where do I put everything. I have my ABS shit and all the other stuff on the other fender well. Where does it all go? Where did you guys put it?
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maz89   +1y
OK! long answer lol, I'm guessin' that your talkin' about an S-10, for the inner fender wells, they just unbolt, as for what's on them. Think about what you need and what you can live without, like washer fluid tank - chunk that bitch, walmart carries windex. Radiator over flow, it's just an over flow (unless it's a sealed radiator) so you can chunk it and run the line down to the bottom of the core support so if it does overflow for some reason it just goes out under the truck, or you can get a small aftermarket one and mount it to the core support. As for your ABS, you have a few options, one either build a mount on the frame ( on top of the frame, normally just infront of the upper control arm ) and remount it as close to the motor as possible to have enough tire clearance, if you're careful you may be able to save the brake lines and get them to bend and conform to the new location, the only draw back to this option is you will cut down on you're over all turning radious. your other option is to stop by a junk yard and get an older square body S-10 porportioning valve, do away with your ABS all together, your brake lines for the rear hook up to rear port, and the front brake lines will have to be T'd together and hooked up in the front port. Fitting size may vary, so take the ones from the junkyard with you. it's simple and easy to do and if done right, looks clean and has no turning radious issues. Driving without ABS is fine, most cars didn't even offer it until the late 80's early 90's so don't worry about not having it, the only problem is you may have an ABS light on your gauge cluster stay on due to the ABS being unplugged. *sigh* lol, as for your computer, you also have a few options on this, let me know what all is going on with the truck and I'll be able to tell you the best option alittle easier - like, are you bodydroping the truck, do you still have A/C, or are you keeping it, etc. Also you'll need to trim the inner structure of the fenders for tire clearance. How much depends on tire size and whether or not your bodydroping it. Just be careful around the wheel opening, you don't want to cut into the outer skin of the fender. Hope this helps....
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lvnlow9543   +1y
well looks like i won't even say anything
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schreff   +1y
Holy shit......

Ok heres the problem, I have 18s on it now. They sit on the inner fender wells when Im laid out. Can I just cut some of the well away so I can Lay frame? Just looking for something quick and easy for now till I get around to doing a BD this winter.
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schreff   +1y
Does anyone have a pic of this? Oh yea its my 96 dime.
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cluster   +1y
dont have a pic yet but maybe tomorrow or the next day when i do it to my B/D s-10

quiet sure ill do it soon though hehe so i can layout on 20s even though im putting stockies on for awhile :O

doordragr pretty much covered everythign though lol
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nvious kreationz   +1y
I am going through the same thing with my trucks the body dropped one is a 95 so not all the abs shit so that will be easier but the 97 is going to be a bitch from what i see so far
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schreff   +1y
Im just wondering if I cut some of it out if my wheels will hit anything in the engine bay. I also want to put fender wells back in it. Big rig wells that is.
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maz89   +1y
you can trim out just what you want/need if that's what you want for the time being. the same rule still applies. tire hits = no good. just remove most of whats on the fender wells for room to work, remove the portion of fender well that you need gone, and start putting everything back. just remember, there's things that you don't really need and can do away with. if the mounting point for something is now gone, play with it and see where else it could go, make new brackets, etc. you'll get the idea as you go..... again, I hope this helps. and keep us updated
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dragginncrds   +1y
when i did my 96.. i did the proportioning valve, so that did away with abs... and i moved the computer under the dash... alot of extending wires but its out the way where it wont get fucked up... worked out great and not that big of a deal either..