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electrical questions about a 93 s10

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03ranger   +1y
friend of mine has a 93 regular cab dime . he's put 2 new fuel pumps on it and they both blew -another friend who installed em said that he must have a short in the system some where .. my question is do you think its true if so - does the reg cab dimes have a 2 part wiring harness? that splits off from the front section at the cab ?? i thought maybe gooing to the junk yard and pulling the back section of the wire harness to solve the problem . my other friend suggested just putting a electric after market "aka thumper" fuel pump that you mount to the frame .. i am not crazy bout using that if i can help it cause i've had one one nother truck i had and it was loud as shit . any ideas?

thanks .

pig rig   +1y
the problem with putting an after market fuel pump on the frame rail is the ECM gets no reading so it will not let the engine fire you need to have 50+psi for the fuel injection as far as buying fuel pumps go buy a good one from GM 5YEAR WARRANTY

I've spent the last five months with fuel pump problems
also the fuel cools the pump so if you run around with less then a 1/4 tank your pump is running hot
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