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themdot   +1y
new to this site. I just recently looked around the Mazdabscene and saw the S-scene so i figured i'd join.
The dime is the daily and I dont plan on bag'n or bd'n it but it is a nice driver. 22's 2tone paint 4" drop in rear,I know I'm faking the funk but whatever,you'd be surprised how many ask if its bagd lol. I enjoy it but I run across parts all the time. Soon I'll become a member and see what i can dig up for ya guys. i guess I'm just curious about what you guys are up to and if theres anything I can help with I'll give my input, I'm sure one of these days I'll need some help from one of you all. Lookin forward to meetin some new people. Maybe even some people from central florida? I'd like to become a part of a club or chill spot or somthin. hit me up and let me know whats good..
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baha   +1y
I know this is old but welcome to the site!
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