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wirenut   +1y
well im been watching for a while and desides to say hi because i have not seen much going on around here so whats up im here from washington i drive a 99 gmc sonoma daily(stock) and have a 1983 s10 blazer lays flame
baha   +1y
LOL welcome to the site man do you have any pics of your rides?
wirenut   +1y

mrs.projekt94   +1y
Hey there! Finally! It feels like ive been the only one checking this site out!
wirenut   +1y
yea thats kinda what its seeming like.
mrs.projekt94   +1y
Well, hopefully we can bring some life back to it. Im telling everyone i know about it
wirenut   +1y
and right now i am in the middle of redoing the rear floor

i already have the fenders welded in so i made carb board layout of how i want the floor to look the whole top lid will lift up on hinges for get a picture of it, it is just a round cover with a flat spot in the middle that opens. and here is the one piece i had made and layed into place the others were cut out today will be welding in this week.
wirenut   +1y
ok so i got one piece fully welded and filler paneled in. and yes i know i suck at welding its not pretty but it does penetrate and will be cleaned up.
here is the ful front piece

pass side filler pieces

drive shaft filler

driver side fillers

and here is the frame i made for the top lid to sit on and where is it go in the truck

here are the filler pieces for the back section and the side walls

and also some pics of my dads project he just got done paint in sublime green.

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