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New gal from TX

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mrs.projekt94   +1y
Hey. Im Sarah from Waller, Tx. I have a 93 S10. The famous Texas 2 link. Firestone 1500 bags all around,2 viaire 350 compressors. 8 gal air tank. I have a smoothed dash and custom made switch box. Right now, my truck is layin frame but hope to get it to the rockers soon. I plan on having the doors shaved soon. My system is a Jensen in dash touchscreen cd/dvd player with 2 soundstream 12's and Fosgate amp. The bed is off right now because it needs lots of TLC. But while its off im going to paint the bridge of my truck and possibly the entire frame. I hope yall dont mind questions because i plan on building as much of this truck by myslef as I can. Thanks guys and i look forward to getting to know all of you.
baha   +1y
Welcome to the site! Let's see some pics
mrs.projekt94   +1y
Oh yeah forgot the pix! lol. here ya go!Its a work in progress but will be a beauty when she's done

Before I took off the bed

Smoothed dash with custom pink and red flake

My custom switchbox

Bowtie matches the dash now
wirenut   +1y
the truck is lookin good which way you thinkin of doin the bd? the switch box is sweet kinda hard to come up with new things that have not been done. you drivin it daily?
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