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New member from bucyrus ohio

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banksyboy   +1y
My name is brett and i am from bucyrus ohio. im 19 and i enjoy most things. minitruckin and bmx are what i do lol. i have a 03 gmc sonoma w/s10 front end. it has some work done and is getting bagged here very shortly. wanna know anything else just ask
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baha   +1y
Welome to the site! I came from BMX to used to ride an S&M warpig back in the day when bikes were overbuilt like tanks
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slammedxonair   +1y
Welcome to the scene!
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banksyboy   +1y
ya i ride a fit right now its pretty lite and pedals awesome with the 30 tooth plate and 9tooth sprocket
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mrs.projekt94   +1y
Guess its kinda late to post here but i guess better late than never. Welcome! im new here too. Hang out over at the bscene too. Those are some badass people over there!
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