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circus freak   +1y
whats up? im circus just recently finished the bodydrop on my 94 s10 blazer 4dr. wasnt much goin on at, so i figured id check this site out. slam 6/7 combo, 1/2" all around, fbi control arms, triangulated 4link, traditional bd, custom in-house floor shifter, lays nice on 18s with 40s. enjoy.

unfortunately, its not going to get to see the road. im scrapping the body n startin over with somethin a lil more extreme
slammedxonair avatar
slammedxonair   +1y
Welcome to the site man u should try and sell the body rather than scrappin it if u can. Spread the word about the site!
circus freak avatar
circus freak   +1y
i am sellin it...its actually sold lol for a whopping $40 lol gets it outta my way n me on my way with my new surprise lol
chris avatar
chris   +1y
anything new on this build
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