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1hotdawg   +1y
howdy. I've been a member on Bscene for a while now. But joining S-scene now cuz I'm looking to buy a 84 Blazer for $200 Not the prettiest thing, but all the parts are there, and she's already set up for the V-8 swap. Had a 305 in it, but had probs, but she's already got the motor mounts, headers, driveshaft, and radiator. The front end is off of it right now, along with the motor and tranny has been pulled. She's got a lil rust around the panel windows, but not too mad.


Reliable V-8 driver, flow exhaust, auto tranny.
It's got 1-3 Oldsmobile old school rallies I may keep on it.
Going a bit rat rod/old school w/ flat black paint maybe some pin.
No air ride, nor is she gonna be slammed. just nicely dropped on some decent sized tires...atleast 60's.

Just here to share and learn.
1hotdawg   +1y

This is how she currently sits.
blackls1   +1y
What part of NC are you in?
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