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03ranger   +1y
use to have a mazda now i am getting a dimer - if things work out in the next couple weeks i'll have a 92 s10 reg cab short bed -

lowered front and rear
got a 95 s10 bench in it (geting tossed asap)
some type of ghost flames which were never completed *outlined*
got i think pontiac rims with ford center caps( don't ask i haven't a clue y its like that lol )

possible mods i look forward to in no real order really :

95 up cavy buckets
buick hood hinge for the sucide hood mod
repair passenger door and cab corner and bed side .

as the motto goes keep it simple stupid . Which when i get money squared away and things going good again thats what it will be simple - nothing drastic- I think it will look good once its done - nothing drastic as everyone has done stfbd , caddy tails , all that b.s no one has a dime that looks some what stock - i'm just gona do suttal(sp?) changes ya know?

previous owner had got hit on the passenger side at a walmart by some dumb broad who don't know how to drive . ironically they had no damage yet the steal made s10 got hurt decently - no frame damage tho . i'll get pics soon - i have one i have swipe it from another site but it will be posted here .

o - i'm 30 yrs old im from west grove pa . used to have a bagged mazda til i sold it . i'm also a member and only member of the pa Chapter of Take2 car and truck club.

i'll be hitting some north east shows from ct south to va /tn areas . hit me up peace.

heres some pics

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maz89   +1y
welcome to the site. good luck with your project
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baha   +1y
welcome to the site man!
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03ranger   +1y
wow .. 26 views- and only 2 replied.. nice welcome really. 147 members and only 2 reply -

any ways - change of vehicle- im not getting that dime i think im gona get this other dime instead.

93 s10 reg cab long bed
4.3 auto
lowered a little bit .

will know more info soon hopefully.
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