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pulsation   +1y
Sup everyone? I just found this website and i think its totally kick ass to see a site designated towards mini trucks and stuff. I just traded my 83 Pulsar for a 98 s10 with lambo doors and all the stylin concepts bolt ons you can imagine! Its sick.. how do you post pics? But my question was where is the cheapest place to buy a bag setup and how hard is it to bolt on? Do i need more than the 2 sockets my grandma got me for Christmas last year? Also, where do you buy your body drops from? Cause that looks totally awesome... i would just be affraid of scratching my grill guard and side tube step bars. How hard do you think it would be to do a v8 swap?
Thanks for any help.

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thetornado   +1y
great to have ya here man! def want to see them pics so heres a thread on how to post pics:

let me know if you still need help!
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dropemlow   +1y
welcome and not tryn to be an ass but are you serious with some of those questions i can totaly understand if u jus got into minis and didnt know that you can jus buy a body drop and there are tons of bag setups for yah jus ask around
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nvious kreationz   +1y
better catch that pulsar before it's to late
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lvnlow9543   +1y
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grantkustoms   +1y
welcome to the site, let him ask questions if he is new he will need help.
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baha   +1y
do ladies really like Mullets
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nvious kreationz   +1y
Your kidding right? read his questions again
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schreff   +1y
I Hope hes being a jackass. If not im going to shoot myself.
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dropemlow   +1y

im with shreff